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WAC iphone app

WAC Charts iPhone /iPad App

WAC Chart App Description

USA WAC Charts iphone app

This app provides moving map World Aeronautical Chart (WAC) for for all 50 states in the United States. Maps are organized by Area.


  • Acculate Location based tracking.
  • All maps are included with no in-app purchase like other competitors.
  • All maps are offline viewing. They can be viewed while flying without need for 3G/4G celular service or WiFI access.
  • Location update frequency manualy can be set based airplane speed and to conserve battery.
  • Automatic best map detection based on current map location.

iphone WAC charts app home screen

Below is iPhone WAC startup screen.

iphone WAC charts app home screen

Below is the all availiable maps. There are 22 map regions. This app comes with preloaded 2 maps. All other maps can be downloaded directly free of charge from our server.

iphone WAC charts app home screen

Below is all maps pre-downloaded. Any map that is manually downloaded shows up here automatically. Any map need to display must be selected from the downloaded listed (with checkmark next to it).

iphone WAC charts app home screen

This about screen shows map coverage map. Shows lower 48 states by map selection.

iphone WAC charts app home screen

Trouble Shooting

When you selected the map from the Map Downloaded section and map is gray as shown below, then you need to redownload the map and selected it. This happens maps are patially downloaded.

iphone WAC charts blank screen

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